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working to end hunger through community feeding and job training.


FEED the CITY is a 501c(3) non-profit located in Columbia, SC with the goal of ending hunger and poverty through community feeding and job training.


FEED the CITY functions as the non-profit arm of CITY GRIT Hospitality Group. We’ve redesigned and rebuilt our restaurant group to serve the community and support a Hospitality Workforce Development Program. Because we live in a city with a tremendous wage gap, increasing food deserts, and an unacceptable racial divide, we’ve structured that program to serve non-college bound youth from the most underserved and poorest communities in the city.   

While our Hospitality Workforce Development Program is on hold due to COVID-19, we have instead focused on working to end hunger through community feeding. During the spring and summer of 2020, working out of our restaurant smallSUGAR, the FEED the CITY team partnered with World Central Kitchen and served nearly 10,000 fresh meals to members of our community in need. 

Using our restaurants and talented culinary team, we directed some of our resources away from normal restaurant service and utilized their skills to produce high quality, fresh meals. 

Community feeding has since become one of the main focuses for our restaurant group, with FEED the CITY working as it's non-profit partner.


FEED the CITY is currently putting together a national advisory board to help steer our workforce development program and provide insight and feedback into community feeding and socio-economic issues. 

As we look toward the future, we will be restarting our community program in the Summer/Fall of 2022 with hopes to secure the funding needed in 2022 to restart our Workforce Development Program, offering paid job and soft skills training to 18-25 year old non-college bound youth in the Columbia, SC area. 

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